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   Capital Punishment 3

by  Hank Hoffman


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Capital Punishment 3 was all go recently with 9 fights on the card including 5 title fights. It was always going to be something special for everyone who supported it and all the fighters who trained hard to put on a show for the eager crowd.

View a movie clip of Capital Punishment 3 highlights

Jason 'Yoyo' Yocum (64kg VUW) vs. Barry 'The Bruiser' Bradcock (76kg Mod Ka) . This was an exciting clash of styles. A Karate vs Muay Thai fight. Jason gave away weight against Barry an experienced karateka

Barry gave a good show but with Jason focussing on knees and grapple - was landed a few solid straight knees that often put Barry off balance. Barry kept the fight even at distance but Jason continually wanted to be up and close grappling and kneeing. Jason kept to his game plan staying in the grapple and walking forward. A good first fight of the night with Jason winning on points.

Joe 'The Judge' Pitihira 68kg Nelson vs. Dacey 'Iron' Ryan 68kg MMAC. Muay Thai action Joe was clearly leading by the second two rounds. Dacey was certainly enthusiastic but Joe was generally tidier and more aggressive, catching Dacey with some nice grapple-knees. Joe concentrated on grappling and started to dominate in close, avoiding Dacey's dangerous punches. Good show of fitness and aggression from both fighters in an active fight that in the end was won by Joe in a split decision

Tabitha May (61kg Boonchu) vs. Stacie The Surgeon Saywell (63kg Nelson) . Tabithas experience was obvious from the beginning, often intercepting Stacies attacks then overwhelming her with hard fast punches. Stacie was not to be outdone and in her first fight she took all that Tabitha had to give and replied with some accurate kicks.

Stacie put up a good fight against Tabitha, but she was outmatched in this case and Tabitha won a unanimous decision. With a first fight like this Stacie is only going to go from strength to strength.

Sarah 'Killa' Clunie (53kg MMAC) vs. Liz Koura (55kg Ngakaunui) . Both fighters were evenly matched. Liz started the fight aggressively but Sarah very quickly got her feet and took back the power to have Sarah running away by the end of the first round. Sarah showed good technique under pressure and landed long straight punches I reply to Lizs leg kicks. At the end of a close fight both women had put in their best and Sarah won by split decision.

North Island Cruiserweight (under 86.1kg): Dan '3rd Degree' Burns VUW vs. Dan Stirling He Toa . With the 2 Dans in the centre for the start of the fight a stare down was inevitable. The fight hotted up from there. Burns came out and started with a rampaging attack at the beginning of the first round landing a furious flurry of punches on Stirling.

Boxing on - Dan Burns

The fight continued with Burns throwing bombing bursts of energy while Stirling countered and replied with dangerous front kicks that could have ended the fight in a flash. However at the end of the fight Dan ' 3rd degree' Burns ferocious attacks led to his hand being raised.

WGTN Welterweight Title (under 66.6kg): Adam Pointing Kapiti vs. Glen 'the Fury' Fraser MMAC . Adam the current Wellington light welterweight titleholder was moving up a weight division to fight Glen who currently held the Wellington Welterweight title. The fight started with Glen on the attack and he continued to breach Adams defence while Adam replied with knees. In a close clinch Glen was out punching Adams knees. After the referee broke the fighters up Adam circled to his left and BOOM! Glen landed a text book overhand right that put Adam down and out for the count. This gave Glen the win and he held on to his Wellington title.

North Island Light Welterweight Title (under 63.5kg): Ben 'the Virus' Ruck VUW vs. Justin Campbell Nelson . At the start of the fight Justin had dangerous power in both hands. He had KOd his last opponent in the second round. Ben was too quick and evaded lethal hands while replying with Viral leg kick that continually battered Justins defence. Ben started to work the grapple a lot and Justin was not comfortable in close so he kept him there and landed as many points as possible. In the end the Virus was too much and wore Justin down to win by a unanimous points decision.

NZ Featherweight Title (under 57.1kg): Tim Edmonds Kapiti vs. Jason Walker Ngakaunui . This was the rematch. One year ago to the day these two fought each other, on that occasion Tim was the winner. In the last year though a lot of water has passed under the bridge and both fighters have improved considerably. Tim has turned into a knee specialist while anyone who has seen Jason fights knows that he throws non-stop combinations of punches and kicks. Winner Jason Walker Towel thrown in. This would be pick for fight of the night and what a fight it was.

Tim landing a knee on Jason

Jason got an 8 count in the first round from Tims knees and looked like he was not going to be able to breath let alone continue. But he fought back and put Tim down and Tim's corner did the right thing and threw the towel in. Giving Jason the win now with one win each the rubber match will be a doozy.

NZ Super-middleweight Title (under 76.3kg ): Vince 'the Blade' Betham VUW vs. Nathan 'K' Odering MMAC . Vince "the Blade" Betham staring down Nathan "K" Odering before their Thai kickboxing In the main event of the evening the two best Super Middleweights in the country battled to see who would get the title. Both fighters wanted the title and were prepared to do anything for it. Nathan sprinted at Vince from the first bell faster than Carl Lewis and they traded blow for blow, punch for punch and knee for knee at the end of the battle both were exhausted and knew that they had given it there all. In the end though there could be only one winner on the night and the decision went to Nathan.

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